Inbound Marketing

Modedaweb are an inbound marketing agency and Hubspot agency partner and we work with financial services, financial technology and the construction and property industry. We work with the principles and practices of using the Hubspot platform for content, analytics, development and CRM management to implement marketing automation strategy which will increase traffic and qualified lead generation using the inbound marketing methodology.

But what exactly is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a practice of using content to generate traffic to your websites blog and landing pages to capture the data of potential leads. We use social media platforms to help generate interest by sharing your content in a variety of different ways as seen here in the sales funnel as effected with Inbound Marketing.


The list goes on as there are a number of different content formats to share information and educate your potential customers with. We work with your business to research and implement a content marketing strategy that would work best with your buyer personas.

And who do you work with?

At modedaweb our clients are from a broad range of business backgrounds ranging from financial, technology, construction and property, travel and ecommerce. From a web or mobile development perspective we can support all businesses as a development partner. We actively seek businesses that want a partner, rather than a transactional agency to work with Modedaweb to achieve marketing automation. We are a Hubspot agency partner focused on Inbound Marketing and marketing automation and data driven webdesign.