BrightInfo is all about personalised content interactions.

BrightInfo revolutionises the way businesses sell through content with real-time personalisation,
 leveraging content marketing to offer the most relevant content to your audience – automatically, in real time, along the decision journey – be it on your website, professional publications, social networks or email.


Passle is one of the best tools for building social authority in the market. This tool enables the subject matter experts to build a hub within their website of valuable social content and then to go on and distribute that amongst their email lists.

This is a professional tool for professional people who want to demonstrate their industry knowledge and broaden their reach in a crowded space.

Hubspot is the worlds number one content marketing and marketing automation platform. Modedaweb are Hubspot partners and work with Fintech, Financial Institutions, Construction and Property and Travel businesses to implement, digital lead generating campaigns.