Building B2B Sales Funnels with Inbound Marketing

Global B2B online sales are predicted to reach $6.7 Trillion by 2020. How much of that is earmarked for your books for the next 3 years?

Building b2b sales funnels with inbound marketing offers one of the most comprehensive and long term solutions for allowing your business to compete. Diligently building out buyer personas, researching your immediate competition, creating a scheduled content calendar and a number of mini campaigns to increase leads all form part of the process.

Global b2b sales fully inclusively are predicted to hit $25 trillion by 2020.

  • $trillions

The challenge for B2B product or service providers is to accumulate a steady stream of leads both on and offline, depending on the business model. It’s been proven that buyers are researching more and more of the information they need to make decisions before speaking to salespeople, currently proven to be around 60% of the buying decision/cycle is completed alone. This means extensive digital search via the search engines. They’re also not looking to be sold to, they’re looking to be further educated. So the major factors are:

  • How to “educate” buyers around the brand without selling to them:

    Changing a companies ethos from sales to education isn’t always easy. Many ask why we would do this instead of increasing PPC or adding more salespersonnel. Education breeds. trust, trust builds familiarity and familiarity should lead to an increase in sales. Content based strategies allow potential customers to engage in a non-sales based environment allowing you to demonstrate authority in your field and increase trust.

  • Determine the right voice and content:

    Determine your voice and content by creating effective buyer personas. These are generic “my persona is a small company looking for legal services”. That persona won’t win you any awards or increase sales. Develop far more indepth personas and you can succeed quickly.

  • How to continually optimise the messaging:

    To continually optimise your messaging you need data and statistics. There are huge numbers of platforms, plugins and modules available to do this, but a wholly encompassing platform should be adopted, like Hubspot that brings all analytics to the one dashboard.

The solution to your issues rely on investing into proper data driven strategies and campaigns that specifically target your ideal customer. Working with an agency that partners your business and works as much on educating your own team as being your team is just as important. Each and every part of the organisation matters when winning over a new client:

  • How to “educate” buyers around the brand without selling to them:

    The focus is to talk in third person and to present yourself indifferent to your brand, think of yourself as a teacher and not a sales person. Content topics change depending at which stage of the funnel the interaction occurs. Top of the funnel is where users generally search, middle of the funnel is where more topic specific search occurs and bottom of the funnel is where you convert your prospects into customers.

  • Determine the right voice and content:

    Many brands get stuck on voice and presentation. Simplify this by questioning your current client base. What is it they like about your current content? What was appealing that made them buy from you? Research your competitors, what is it that they seem to be doing well, don’t copy or paraphrase ever, but build out a picture of what is working across the industry and then come back to voice and presentation and cross that with your brand  guidelines.

  • How to continually optimise the messaging:

    Data driven marketing is the choice of most smll, medium and large organisations and there are a plethora of platforms to choose from. Modedaweb are a Hubspot agency partner and we advocate this as the consistent performer. The real time data we see in the dashboard allows both Modedaweb and our clients to see what is being received and performing well day to day so changes can be easily implemented to reverse negative trends and capitalise on positive ones.

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