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Most Financial Services organisations are very wary of the laws set out around marketing and copy to ensure the regulatory rules are met, let Modedaweb take that stress from you and help you build a trusted reputation and generate increased leads.

Digital marketing and lead generation are closely tied in these days and inbound marketing – a strategic form of digital marketing, provides the balance a growing financial services business needs.


The biggest challenge that a financial services organisation has is getting the right message across in its marketing channels. Our experience is that traditionally sales are the main focus and therefore, sales ideas take precedence over marketing ideology. Modedaweb can show you how using content to educate your potential customers online, helps build trust, increase awareness of your company and leads to an uplift in website traffic. This leads to increases in enquiries and online sales, helping you towards reaching your goals.:

  • Improve Sales:

    The focus on sales needs to be stripped back to “How do we increase sales”. If you can increase the website traffic organically, by providing the right content to the right consumer, in the right channel at the right time, you can increase opportunity by around 60%.

  • Building Trust/Online Reputation:

    Many organisations want their digital traffic to feel like they are part of the brand, storytelling is a phrase well used to help do this. However, trust is built through education, not sales. Financial brands need to provide educational, non-salesy content that allows a potential customer to absorb your professionalism in your service or product in their own time.

  • Increase Website Traffic:

    The focus of content marketing is to attract those using search engines to your blog to help show your authority in your profession. The more long-tail keywords your company ranks for organically in search engine results, the larger the opportunity to to convert website visitors into leads. The more leads you have the better the opportunity to convert to sales. Website traffic can come not only from your company blog, but also your social media channels, paid search and other content forms, webinars etc.


The solution Modedaweb offers is to combine cutting edge technology with a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy. Using a data driven approach to your digital marketing & lead generation activities you can not only increase your opportunity for sales but you can refine your approach month on month too.

Data driven marketing allows us to look at what’s working in a real time basis, meaning succeses can be replicated immediately and failing strategy can be rectified as fast. This reduces wastage in budget, increases profits and continually improves the strategy across channels.

Potential results

A typical example of results you can expect to see are a reduction of PPC or paid search spend as the campaign progresses, increasing and decreasing as periodical peaks and troughs appear across the year.

The effort can vastly improve the company’s planning and execution functions, allowing a more defined and targetted strategy to support the company goals.

By the numbers, the effort can lead to:

  • Reduced lead time by 43%
  • Decreased paid search spend by 50%
  • Lower the risk of time wasting enquiries by 65%*
  • Increased orders for products and services by 30-60%*
  • Content
  • PPC
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“…your awareness of social media and content marketing is extremely knowledgable and diligent. I’m really happy we were able to win the BUILD Award for Best Newcomer to Business together!”

Hayley Hunt
Director, Hunt Property Services Ltd

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